The Entrepreneur’s Skills Certificate®

 (hereinafter referred to as ESC)

  • …is an additional qualification for entrepreneurial mindset
  • …leads to the awarding of an international certificate
  • …is support by innovative learning tools & technologies
  • …meets the aims of the European Commission initiative (Entrepreneurship competence)
  • …was awarded best practice in Oslo 2007 and “Good Practice Exchange under the European charter for small enterprises 2008-2009”.

ESC consists of 3 modules:

  • A – fundamental economic know-how
  • B – key aspects of economics
  • C – key aspects of business administration
  • Financial management – Currently the development of this supplementary module is being considered.

Each module comprises of:

  • The learning programme
    • Learning sequences
    • Training sequences
  • Textbooks for students
    • Basic contents and in-depth information
    • Exercises / questionnaires
  • Teacher support materials
    • Teacher book with didactic suggestions
    • Materials on CD (Exercises, ppt-slides…)

Each module is completed by an exam.